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Manco Abbott

Letter of professional Recommendation for Advanced Tactical Methods

Manco Abbott recently met with Ron Pierini, owner of Advanced Tactical Methods, to discuss training opportunities provided by his company. Due to nature of our business, property management, and the climate of the times, we felt that some type of awareness training was relevant for our onsite employees. After meeting with Ron, and doing one “test” seminar- we immediately scheduled all of our 100 site employees to attend his seminar, “Situational Awareness”…

…At this time, all of our corporation and site employees have attended Ron’s training, and I’ve received nothing but positive responses. The training was applicable to everyone- we’re even considering offering this training to family members. It applies to not only the work place, but also our everyday lives….

…I would highly recommend Ron Pierini and Advanced Tactical Methods for any future training your company might be considering. His ability to translate his wide range of experience into training relevant to the average person, truly made this training one of our most successful.

We look forward to working with Ron and his company in the future.

Marcella Mackey
Human Resource Manager
Manco Abbott



I recently had Ron J. Pierini speak at a Constellation Brands West Coast Operations event. The subject; Situational Awareness which he spoke about using his vast past experience and kept the room capacity crowd of Executives, Managers, and Hourly employees on the edge of their seats…


He provided information and educated the audience on ways to protect themselves and their families as they live their lives normally… As the presentation wrapped up there was many questions from the audience and high favorable feedback on the presentation…

…If you are looking for someone to speak at a corporate event or to provide more in depth training on Corporate or Executive Security Ron J Pierini is the expert that you should turn to.


E. Morgan LeBlanc
Director of Safety-West Coast Operations
Constellations Brands

law enforcement clients
As the commander of the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office-Narcotics, Vice, and Criminal Intelligence Units, I am always looking for new and innovative training for the unique and challenging environments that my personnel operate in. As with most special units, these teams serve the bulk of search warrants for our agency and engage in high risk activities on a regular bases. Through this endeavor I found Ron J Pierini of Advanced Tactical Methods…


…After careful evaluation and consideration I have found the weaponless defense and tactical shooting models he presented and taught to my front line teams were based on simple concepts that are easily understood, yet highly effective and can be rapidly applied to many tactical applications. These innovative platforms allow the officer to effectively utilize these concepts more rapidly with a higher understanding and overall skill level…

…His courses of instruction are highly recommended to any department.

Lt. R.K.

Fresno County Sheriff’s Office
Commander, Special Investigations

FSO Letter

In Recognition of
Ron J Pierini
Advanced Tactical Methods L.L.C.


In recognition of your efforts to teach and train the skills you have spent many years mastering, with others in the Law Enforcement Community. For your commitment and desire, to produce the best product, as well as, your contributions of your time and effort to our Training Unit staff in 2008 and your contributions to the 2009 “Skills” curriculum; The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office would like to officially recognize and commend you for these endeavors…


…We are honored to recognize your part in out Agencies training.



            Margaret Mims                      Scott Jones                  Louis Hernandez

            Sheriff                                     Undersheriff                Lieutenant
Fresno PD DCST


SUBJECT: Advanced Tactical Methods L.L.C.

My tactical team attended the Close Quarters Pistol Course put on by Advanced Tactical Methods L.L.C… The course was instructed by Ron J Pierini of Advanced Tactical Methods L.L.C… The course focused on lethally engaging assailants within 1 or 2 meter, weapons retention methods, and scenario bases situations.

…Having worked on various tactical teams for approximately 12 years of my law enforcement career and been exposed to various training methods, I can attest to the methods taught in this course as being very applicable to tactical team operators who engage in close quarter searchers and confrontations of aggressive individuals…

…the weapons retention and lethal engagement methods taught during this course are methods which patrol officers can utilize when faced with citizen contact that might turn deadly.

Fresno PD DCST


Fresno County Sheriff

I would like to commend Ron Pierini for his commitment to the Law Enforcement Community in which he has provided a great product for officer safety…


I met Ron Pierini while working as a training Deputy for Fresno County Sheriff’s Dept.  I was a lead Arrest Control Instructor during my six years in that unit. One of the biggest problems I found was that we were teaching the same techniques that I had learned 15 years previously. Ron developed techniques that are easy to learn and are applicable across the board, whether you are using your hands, baton, or firearm….


…I have worked with Academies and many other Agencies over the past 12 years, and it is my opinion the Law Enforcement, in general, is behind the times in what we teach to our Officers…


…In essence Ron’s system took us from old antiquated techniques developed in the 1980’s and brought us up to date…


…I would recommend Ron’s techniques to any agency who deals with combative subjects


Det . G.S.
Fresno County Sheriff’s Dept.


California Narcotics Officers Association

California Narcotic Officers’ Association Region VII


To Whom It May Concern

The California Narcotic Officers’ Association (CNOA) is committed o providing its members with the most up to date, cutting edge training available. With approximately 7,500 members statewide, we are always on the lookout for advanced innovative training concepts to bring to our organization…


…Mr. Pierini’s knowledge, expertise, and teaching style are exceptional and his courses have all received excellent reviews. I would highly recommend Mr. Pierini and Advanced Tactical Methods L.L.C. to anyone seeking training from and experienced master instructor with highly advanced skill sets…


…This letter is offered in recognition to Mr. Pierini’s contributions to CNOA and its members.


CNOA Director of training

Region 7


Clovis PD Special

To Whom It May Concern:

The Clovis Police Department had the opportunity to attend the Surveillance Tactics and Techniques Course, Level 1, put on by Advanced Tactical Methods L.L.C….

…Even though the experience level of those who took the course varied…All learned a great deal and took back new ideas and methods on many levels…

…Training of this type is invaluable to maintaining officer’s safety and to the success of any operations/investigation. The training staff of Advanced Tactical Methods was extremely professional and knowledgeable. The course material was more than promised and the teaching methods worked very well. We will definitely utilize Advanced Tactical Methods for future training…

Capt. V.L.
Clovis Police Department


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