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Local Law Enforcement training has been provided to the following agencies and organizations:
Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor– Departmentally Sponsored Training Courses provided to Personnel From Multiple Agencies’ Special Units and Patrol Units, including:
  • Fresno Police Department
  • Fresno County Sheriff's Office
  • Clovis Police Department
  • Fresno County ACT Team
Law Enforcement Surveillance Instructor – Departmentally Sponsored Training Courses provided to Special Units from the following agencies:
  • Fresno Police Department VCIT Teams
  • Fresno County Sheriff's Office Narcotics and Vice Intel Unit
  • Fresno County ACT Team Members
  • Clovis Police Department Gangs and Narcotics Units
Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor/Course Creator – Rolling Shield Tactics - Officer Defensive Tactics Courses.
  • Fresno DSCT Team Members
  • Multiple CNOA Classes Completed
  • Fresno County Sheriff’s Office – Narcotics and Vice/Intel
  • Clovis Police Department
  • Fresno County ACT Team

Rolling Shield Tactics Basic Skills Course – Fresno Sheriff’s Office 2009

  •  A specialized combined version of the various Rolling Shield Tactics course curriculums was requested and specifically designed for the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office’s for use in their yearly skills training in 2009.
Law Enforcement training Courses are offered in many areas. These areas include, but are not limited to the following:
1. Firearms – Specializing in engagements in close quarters environments AND transitioning in a combative environment.
2. Defensive Tactics
  1. Combative Self Defense
  2. Weapon Retention - Holstered AND Un-holstered Retention
  3. Arrest and Control techniques
  4. Force Multiplying
  5. Takedowns
  6. Hands on Entry Tactics for use during team entries and other similar operations requiring hands on handling of individuals during fast team oriented movement type activities
3. Situation Awareness
  1. Understanding Spatial Awareness and angles of escape
  2. Tactical Awareness including proper transitioning techniques for use of force escalation
  3. Environmental Awareness in operational and day to day environments for officer safety
4. Surveillance – all disciplines and all levels
5. Expandable Baton
6. Edged Weapons – all levels
7. UC Specialty Skill courses – skill sets designed specifically for use in UC Operational environments
8. Tactical First Aid Courses (This Course was co-developed and is co-instructed with a retired military combat veteran physician, who is still an actively practicing board certified General Surgeon.)
9. Customized Training Programs available - designed to include multiple skill sets for operator development dependent on unit and/or agency need.
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